Picture Perfect Protection

Meet Bob.



Bob lives in a quality home with his family and pet dog Furry Fred.

Bob's home was damaged by fire due to an electric fault.

Among the contents damaged:

Wife's engagement ring - $20,000

Home Office - $10,000

Furry Fred was home when the fire occurred and suffered burns to his body. 

Bob was traveling in Europe at the time of the fire.

On Bob's way back home his backpack was stolen at a taxi stand.

Inside it was Bob's:

DSLR camera and lenses - $10,000

A necklace he bought for his wife - $2,000

Fortunately Bob is in safe hands because Mansions home and contents insurance has him covered. Even Fred has nothing to worry about.


Broad Cover and High Limits

Does your clients' current home and contents insurance offer this level of cover?

We have agreed to cover Bob’s loss and pay the cost to repair the home and arrange temporary accommodation for the family and Fred for the 6 months of rebuilding.







* Terms, conditions, exclusions and limits apply. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details of cover.

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